Sample of Sponsorship Letter for Parents | Canada Visit Visa

I, Mr. XXXXXX XXXXXX (DOB: 00/00/000) hereby declare:-

I am a landed immigrant in Canada, and is living on the address 00- XXX Road, XXXXX, Ontario, Canada.

2. I am employed on permanent position at The Bank of Toronto, Ontario SSS UU1, Canada as an Operations Manager.

3. I wish to sponsor my Parents to visit Canada for a period of 3 months. Details are as under:
Mr. XXXXXXXXX, Passport # 000000
Mrs. XXX XXXXX, Passport # 00000
Resident of: XXXX XXXX XXXX

4. I hereby accept that I will be accountable for the travelling, housing, food, health and all other expenses of my parents all through the period of their stay of 3 months in Canada. During their stay in Canada they will live with me at XXX XXXXX XXXXX X00 0XX Canada.

I realize that this undertaking shall be made available to the CIC who will take suitable steps to recover from me the cost of any public funds paid to or regarding the above mentioned persons who are the subject of undertaking.

Declared at Ontario, Canada
On 19th July, 2010
Before Me:
Solicitor/Commissioner for Oaths


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