Immigration to Quebec Canada

Quebec is the single province in Canada that does not contain a sole Provincial Nominee Program. The remaining provinces and one territory have their individual PNPs, which are being exploited so as to meet the exact skill requirements of the provinces with overseas nationals. Canadian Provincial Nominee Programs are one of the speediest methods of obtaining Canadian Permanent Residence status.

However, the province of Quebec has its own immigration selection system customized to pick eligible immigrants from dissimilar parts of the world. The province identifies the necessities pertaining to the immigration and for that reason nominates overseas nationals to meet those requirements as maintained by the regulation or criteria it sets under the selection system.

For example, if someone wishes to immigrate to Quebec as a skilled worker, then he will be required to follow a certain customized selection process, which is afterward the approval of the Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The Skilled Worker Program of Quebec is active in selecting those foreign nationals who have the prospective to turn out to be economically well-settled in the province.

The eligibility decisive factor for applicants are slight different from the ones that are required to meet so as to settle in other province of Canada. Upon meeting all the criteria, Skilled Worker Program’s applicants of the Quebec immigration selection system are giving with a Quebec Selection Certificate, which lets them to enter and resolve in the province. With the intention of receiving the certificate, all applicants are requisite to score minimum points of 49, based on numerous factors, such as;

1. Age
2. Experience
3. Training
4. Validated employment offer
5. Language skills
6. Financial support/funds


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