Skilled Worker Category of Yukon Nominee Program

The Skilled Worker Category under the Provincial Nominee Program of the Yukon is designed to allow its companies to suggest the international skilled workers and employ them for the requirement of the financial system. International skilled worker who have the purpose to immigrate to Yukon and the ability to put in to the provincial wealth can think this exacting category of the Yukon Nominee Program. Though, the category is entirely employer-driven.

Employers utilize this YNM category to fill up place in the labor market with foreign skilled workers, since the skills necessary for the positions are sometimes not obtainable in local workers. The Skilled Worker Program is additional divided into two sub-categories-
1. Skilled Worker
2. Critical Impact Worker

Eligibility Criteria:
• Applications must have job offer from an employer based in Yukon in hand. The jobs offered to them have to have to do with occupations that are incorporated in the ‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘O’ levels of the NOC.
• Possess the certification essential for the offered occupation/job.
• Must not be an asylum applicant.
• Adequate language proficiency required of the job offered.


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