Easy process of Quebec Immigration

You as a skilled worker require submitting a correctly filled up application form and filing that with the Quebec Immigration Visa post. Incorrect applications are rejected at the initial place. Necessary credentials and other essential documents have to be enclosed with the applications, on the basis of which visa officers will decide whether you are fit for the next step, that is interview or not.

Personal selection interview is an essential part of the Quebec Skilled Worker selection procedure. This is when the visa officer gets to decide whether you have the spirit to set up yourself in Quebec productively or not! Your French language ability is also reviewed in the interview. To help you in personal interview, it is always suggested to seek the help of an Immigration Lawyer.

Applicants, together with their associated family members, are also requisite to go through medical and safety checks. You will be giving with the instructions to be undergone by the visa officer. When it comes to security checks, you are probable create documents like identity and civil status documents; and police clearance certificates. As for the health check, you would be requisite to go through an examination by a physician, who must be accepted by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada.


Rauf Ali said...

I am a Pakistani. I am single. I have applied for immigration to Quebec in the month of Aug 2011 I have not yet received the acknowledgement. What are the prospects. Where will the interview be held. Is Quebec immigration easier than Federal Canada. Please comment. Rauf Ali mail:

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