The Best Cover Letter for Administrative Assistant Resume

Although there are lots of cover letters are available for the position of Administrative Assistant, but in this post we will provide you the best cover letter for Administrative Assistant Resume. This cover letter sample covers all the aspects of administrative assistant requirements and very useful in a successful job hunting.

In addition, this cover letter will also be useful for the following positions

1. Medical Information Assistant
2. Constituency Assistant
3. Parliamentary Committee Clerk
4. Corporate Secretary
5. Ministerial Assistant
6. Parliamentary Assistant
7. Special Assistant
8. Committee Clerk
9. Executive Assistant
10. Legislative Assistant
11. Constituency Aid

The Best Cover Letter for Administrative Assistant Resume

154 Example Street
San Deigo, CA 25410

February 3, 2014

Ms. Kate Smith
Senior Manager (HR)
ABC Company
20 Washington Street
San Deigo, CA 20323

Dear Ms. Smith:

In response to your current opening for an Administrative Assistant position at the ABC Company, as advertised on, I am pleased to submit my resume because your job requirements closely match my career interests, qualifications and work experience. Along with my post graduate diploma in Administration and two years’ hands-on experience in general office management, I am confident in my ability to become a central member of ABC Company.

During my education and administration related jobs I have gained strong skills in; setting up and synchronizing administrative policies and events for officials, staff and boards of directors, evaluating incoming and outgoing memos, submitting reports and arrange and harmonize the preparation and submission of synopsis briefs and reports to executives, management and boards of directors. In addition, I am very skilled in preparing agendas, conducting research, accumulating data, and arranging papers for consideration and presentation to higher management. My enclosed resume will provide you with more details about my specific clerical and administrative skills.

As an experienced and dedicated candidate, I'd welcome the chance to meet with you to discuss how my education, administrative experience and skill set would be beneficial for ABC Company. I will call you next week to follow-up on my application and to schedule a time of interview. In the meantime, I can be reached at (999) 999-9999 or via email at [Email Address].

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Anna David

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Hmna said...

In fact this is the best. I agreed

Anonymous said...

These things might also be included in the second paragraph

1. capability to operate standard office equipment, counting but not limited to, computers, telephone exchange systems, typewriters, calculators, copiers and facsimile machines
2. Aptitude to pursue oral and written instructions.
3. Understanding of principles and practices of association, planning, records management and wide-ranging administration
4. Ability to converse efficiently
5. Computer literate
6. Good writing, analytical and crisis‐solving skills

Administrative Assistant Cover Letter said...

Here is another simple cover letter for administrative assistant

Dear Ms. Parker:

With reference to your advertised job in the local newspaper, I present my resume for your consideration. I have three years of Executive Assistant experience at HSBC Bank, and would like to carry on my growth with [Future Company name]

Throughout my career, I have established an outstanding ability to meet organizational objectives and demands. Besides my secretarial skills, I am an expert event planner, having served as the director of the HSBC banking meeting for the last three years. I am sure I would prove to be an advantage at (future company name) as well.

I look forward to hearing from you to organize an interview. I can be reached at the above email or telephone number.


John Doe

Micheal Belayudam said...

The best cover letter format for administrative assistant position will assist in organizing all the details regarding the applicant in only just a few seconds of reading. Cover letters must be affixed to the resumes and have to be delivered by the applicant to the appropriare department of the prospective company to which they are applying for job

Anonymous said...

I really like the way in which the information is presented. You are working hard for administrative assistants :)

Anonymous said...

You should watch the grammar though

Anonymous said...

it is very much impressive and eye catching cover letter. i got my first job by using this cover letter. Although i made some necessary modifications but the basic idea was the same

Comrade said...

You may also add the following points in the second paragraph

I have a good Knowledge of:
• Administrative and secretarial procedures and automated and manual systems for instance word processing, organization of files and records, stenography, designing forms in MS Word or Excel, and supplementary office procedures and terms.
• Business and administration principles implicated in strategic planning, supply allocation, human resources modeling, management technique, construction methods, and organization of people and resources.

Maya said...

A superb cover letter sample. I recommend it to all of my friends seeking administration jobs. This sample is really amazing

Anonymous said...

Ideas and relevancy is excellent in this cover letter

Anonymous said...

Overall a good cover letter, however, when you are applying for an Administrative Assistant position, I think it would be critical to have proper grammar.

Najia said...

Yes, indeed, this cover letter has a perfect grammar. I am an administrative assistant in NJ. Got my first job by using this cover letter. Its the perfect one

Anonymous said...

Yes its a perfect sample. Author has made good efforts in writing this sample cover letter of administrative assistant

Karen said...

I am seeking the job of administrative assistant in NY Downtown area. Employers please contact me. I have over 1 year of experience in different administrative capacities. Expert in phone answering, book keeping and record maintenance

Anonymous said...

i salute the author of this cover letter because this cover letter cannot only win a job interview but has also changed my ways of drafting application letters.

Anonymous said...

Now that is indeed one good letter that AMA can use. I am very sure that since a lot of people are trying to get into the medical field (medical assistant, etc.), a lot of people are going to have a great news with this sample letter.

jijesh said...

it is simple but strong.....thank you........

serene said...

the sample cover letter you have is very simple and precise, an impressive one. It clearly specifies your skills and also focuses on the point that how you are best suitable candidate for the job; which is the main aim of writing a cover letter.

Nazarina said...

I cannot tell you enough how helpful this cover letter has been, I've gotten 3 interviews in a matter of days of using it. Thank you so much.

It's a simple, easy read that allows me to fit in all my skills, while remaining brief and to the point.

You're the best and thanks for the supplemental info commentators.

- Naz

Anonymous said...

Many, many thanks for sharing this cover letter. Thanks also to others for adding suggestions.

Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the clear and concise nature of this letter. One huge pitfall of cover letter writing is that one tends to go into too much detail and make it too long.

Anonymous said...

In the second paragraph, the first semi-colon should be a colon. Kind of an important mistake, considering you're applying to a job that may include writing.

RN said...

Great.. I am searching for the perfect cover letter for the nursing job and reached here. You have jotted down some important points but can you please share some information on cover letter for nursing.

Anonymous said...

how abour a student who just graduating out in the world and need experience but need a job immediatley to pay bills?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great cover letter. I am going to use while applying for a judicial assistant job for the courts and will taylor it to fit the job. Seems like everyone agrees too.

Zakmong said...

Good one and thanks for your efforts and sharing with public.

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