Another Resignation Letter Sample for Nurse

This post will give you another example of resignation letter as nurse. Just pick the idea regarding writing a resignation letter so as to make your own.

Nurse Resignation Letter Sample

222 Example 3rd Street
Vaughan, ON D9S 6C6

April 19, 2011

Dr. Joseph Anderson
Medical Administrator
St. Peter Hospital
54 Some Street
London, ON X8E 6S4

Dear Dr. Anderson:

I am writing to put my resignation as Staff Nurse from St. Peter Hospital effective the close of business hours on May 18, 2011. This time includes my 1 month notice period. I intend to join ABC Clinic which is located in my neighborhood.

In fact, I am not happy to leave this place which I think as my second home. I wish to thank you, and all staff of St. Peter Hospital for providing me with the chance of utilizing my nursing education and skills and taught me a lot about patient care. I also wish to express thanks to my juniors and nursing assistants for enabling me to perform to the extent that I did, and for their kind approach towards me. I truly enjoyed two years of my service in St. Peter Hospital.

Thank you again for providing me this opportunity which is a big achievement in my professional life. My clearance documents from respective departments are enclosed herewith. I wish best of luck to my seniors and colleagues.


Ana L. Smith
Staff Nurse


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