Resignation Letter Sample for Live In Caregiver

Following is a standard resignation letter sample for live-in caregiver. You may edit and modify it in order to write your own resignation letter from live in caregiver position

[Your Street Address]
[State] [ZIP]

April 19, 2011

Ms. Kyle Johnson
123 Example Street
Calgary, AB P8R 3C9

Dear Mr. Johnson;

I would like to notify you that I am resigning from my position as Live-in caregiver which will be effective from May 1, 2011.

This resignation is purely based on my domestic problems and I do not have any hostile feelings with any of your family members. Thank you for the opportunities for skilled and individual development that you have provided me at your home during the last three years. I really got pleasure from working for your children.

My last day of work will be April 30, which provides ample time for me to finish pending works and to turn over my position to my substitute. Thank you again for offering me such a great opportunity.


Ana Smith
(609) 666-9999


Anonymous said...

I am a nanny in canada and want to resign from my current position. Can i use this template to make my own resignation letter

Comrade said...

Yes, You can use this template as standard to make your nanny resignation letter

Live-in Caregiver - Canada said...

Is it necessary to type this type of resignation? Can i submit a handwritten ?

Comrade said...

No its not necessary to submit a typed copy. But a typed letter always gives a professional look

Anonymous said...

Hi! I wanted to resign as a caregiver. Im not a live in caregiver.I want to resign because i dont like th ecommute and the lady who was training me is kinda mean.

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