Standard Template of Resignation Letter | Resignatioin Letter Template

Following is a standard template of resignation letter. You have to use this template while resigning from a company. This template is perfect for the occasion when you are going to join a new company.

April 01, 2011

Dear (Manager),

Paragraph 1 - Statement of Resignation:
In this paragraph you have to mention that why are you resigning, and the effective date of your resignation.
I have accepted a job at a different company that is evidently the subsequent step in my career. As a result, I hereby resign my position at [Current Company Name Here] effective [Month Name, Day , Year].

Paragraph 2 - Statement of Acknowledgment:
In second paragraph, you may indicate about the contribution the person has made to you personally. Learning procedure in the current company and also admit relationship with the current employer.
It has been a contentment working with you (state suitable circumstances). My decision is in no way pinpointing of any problems or bad feelings with you or (present company).

Paragraph 3 - Integrity of your Decision:
In the concluding paragraph, you may State your enthusiasm regarding new position. You also mention that decision is not a suggestion of current manager and your decision is irreversible. You have have to mention that you will be available for support requested for transition.


Hopefully this Standard Template of Resignation Letter will help you writing your resignation letter from a specific company.


Ana said...

I want to resign due to humiliating attitude of my manager. Will this regignation letter work for it?

Anonymous said...

Same Reasons i want to resign... One for that? Can we just write i am resigning due to my manager being rude

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