Bank Teller Cover Letter - No Experience

Following is a sample cover letter of a Bank Teller having No Experience in hand. If you are a fresher and want apply for a bank teller job, you may use this cover letter for your resume. Edit any necessary changes as per your circumstances

Bank Teller Cover Letter - No Experience

111 Example Street
Edmonton, AB A9Q 6C4

April 01, 2011

Mr. John K. Smith
Hiring Manager
Community Savings Bank
222 Sample Road
Edmonton AB S9D 6C9

Dear Mr. Smith:

I have been referred to you by Rocky Arnolds, Career Development Coordinator for Edmonton Community College, who informed me that you are seeking the services of a fresh and customer oriented person as a bank teller for your Edmonton Branch of Community Savings Bank. I believe my educational background and skills would be beneficial for Community Savings Bank.

As an associate in the School of Business at Edmonton Community College, I have attained solid foundation and learned the worth of outstanding customer service. During my internship at Calgary Credit Union I had the chance to narrate theory to practice in a real world environment. Besides this experience, I also have worked as a bank teller during my honorary employment at ABC Bank Edmonton. Through this experience I have gained a complete understanding of the basics of federal banking law and client service direction. I am now interested to utilize my skills at Community Savings Bank.

As an enthusiastic bank teller, I will welcome the chance to meet with you to discuss my qualifications and learn more about Community Savings Bank. You may contact me at (666) 999-9999 in order to plan a meeting time. Moreover, I will call you next week for followup. Thank you for your time and consideration.



Sara Chris

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Aleena said...

Oh yes, this is a very good sample for fresh graduates

Anonymous said...

oBVIOUSLY, you have given a fine idea to write a cover letter for a bank teller. I searched a lot but never find a cover letter for fresh person

Anonymous said...

can this letter work for other professions too. i am looking for a cover letter for fresh grad teacher

Smith said...

This is an amazing cover letter for bank teller. Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

I am an experienced bank teller, will this format work for experienced bank teller

smith said...

dear sir,
you solved my problem, its a great sample for fresh graduates.. keep it up

Kate said...

The modified version is excellent.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, currently seeking a career in banking! This are really stress times for graduates to find a job everywhere around the world, especially with the lack of experience! Wish me luck and Thanks Again!

Anonymous said...

Yes, perfect example thank you for your help

Comrade said...

Wishing best of luck to all job seekers.

Mary Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!

Anonymous said...

thank you

Anonymous said...

hi am looking for a job in banking am very polite person who is willing to help i don't have experience in banking and i am willing to learn more

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