Sample Resignation Letter for Nurse

This post will provide you a sample resignation letter for Nurse. While writing your resignation letter, you may add some more points in this standard resignation letter.

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April 19, 2011

Mr. John K. Smith,
Medical Director
ABC Hospital
111 Example Street
Atlantic City, NJ 64111

Dear Mr. Smith:

With this letter I wish to inform you that I will be resigning from my position as Registered Nurse with ABC Hospital. My resignation will be effective from May 01, 2011. I regret about any difficulty which might be caused by this resignation, even though I will do my best to have my current work finished and the whole things will be handed over properly to my successor.

Please allow me to state my best wishes for all the employees of ABC Hospital. Working with the ABC Hospital has been rewarding in numerous ways. Here, I learned a lot of new skills and patient care techniques. While I have been contented with my good time and service here, I can't stay away from the upcoming opportunity which will is vital for my career advancement. I am thankful for the experience I have gained in ABC Hospital.

I will be available at my seat till April 30, 2011. Please let me know regarding any formalities I need to fulfill with HR, for instance an exit interview or return of my uniform and supplies. Thank you once again for your support during my service and best of luck to all of my colleagues and seniors.


Sara Lee
(999) 999-9999


Barbra said...

Over the internet, this blog is providing the best sample letters. I was looking for a good sample resignation letter but no where found except here. You are doing a great job. Really Great!!!

Anonymous said...

Can this sample resignation for nurse work for a Personal Care Attendant?

Anonymous said...

thank you for this kind of sample letters. it was great!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How can i write a resignation letter because i am in medical live and i will resign. i am a registerd nurse i will give one week noted.

Comrade said...

Follow this example but give notice of 2 weeks

Anonymous said...

wow this resignation letter is superb! i am working at Durdans hospital sri lanka.

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