Interview: About Immigrating to Canada

1. Why did you choose Canada for immigration destination?
2. Don’t you think that Australia, New Zealand, the US or Britain is a good destination for immigration?
3. Why do you want to go away from your country?
4. Are you ready for the challenges that come with a go to a new country?
5. What do you be expecting Canada to be like?
6. Which city in Canada do you desire to go to? Why did you make a decision on that city?
7. Do you have your family members or friends in Canada? If so, where do they reside?
8. Why did you prefer City X rather than City Y if that's where you have family? (If your intended destination is different from the one you have family in)
9. Will your relatives/friends help you after you move to Canada?
10. How do you plan to connect with your relatives/friends in you live in dissimilar cities?
11. How will you hold up yourself and your family previous to getting a job?
12. How much money do you intend to take with you to Canada?
13. How long do you think your funds will last you if you haven't found a job?
14. Will you be using the Internet for your job search in Canada?
15. Would you go back to your home country if you would not find a job?
16. Where do you make out yourself five or 10 years from now?


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