Immigration Application Procedure For Federal Skilled Worker

In the current era of globalization where growingly bridges are being constructed, studying or working abroad has turn out to be the vision of many individuals specifically in the third world. With increasingly people for improved standards of life, Canadian immigration procedure for skilled professionals has turn out to be simpler. Nevertheless, a high-quality quality of life is that we all desire for.

So as to immigrate to a superior destination, the application procedure for Permanent Residence is the most important step towards your abroad dream. Here are a a small number of ways to submit an application for permanent residence for Federal Skilled Worker Class in Canada:

1. Evaluation of the application:
Your application will be evaluated by the officers based at Central Intake Office, Department of Citizenship and Immigration, Nova Scotia, Canada. They will confirm that all the essential documents are submitted from the checklist of document. The payment for dealing out has to be submitted also. But if there is some fault or error, your request along with your documents and cash will be come back to you with a letter which would notify you regarding the errors. Now in case, your application is discarded, then you will take delivery of a letter which would notify you regarding the cause for rejection and also that your fee or payment will be repay to you

If your request is accepted by the authorities, your submission will be sent for additional assessment to the local consulate located in your country of present residence. You will be sent a letter that informs you with your reference digit, instructions for get in touch with the visa office. A copy of the proposal letter will be sent to the local Canadian High commission also.

2. Evaluation of Application at the local Canadian high commission:
On the receipt of your claim, an affirmative recommendation is sent to the local Canadian high commission located in country of your present residence. You have to present required forms and all documents in 120 days of the positive recommendation by centralized intake office at Nova Scotia, Canada.

At this phase, the eligibility for you to have your visa will be resolute on a variety of conditions including proof related to no criminal record. These comprise the selection factors based on which the candidate would be given points for each criterion for instancing his skill in the English language skills, age, and flexibility and so on. Aside from this, the applicant should also provide to the mandatory financial requirements. In addition, the acceptability requirements are also significant to be satisfied. Those meeting all requirements are then given the medical forms and post medical, the candidate, spouse and dependent are invited to present passports for visa stamping.

Based on these two steps, the Canadian High Commission would then call for a individual interview (if appropriate). Based on the presentation on the interview, the visa officer takes a conclusion on whether to award you a visa or not.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this information. I was really confused about the canada immigration application process. This article solved my problem

Anonymous said...

you have solved the problem of new comers

Anonymous said...

can i submit my immigration application at local chc. i belong to malaysia and want to apply for canadian immigration

Anonymous said...

if my request is not accepted, will my application fee be refunded?

Anonymous said...

can canada immigration interview be exempted?

Comrade said...

dear anonymous,
it depends on case to case, interview might be exempted if you are scoring high points

Anonymous said...

Can you please let me know how long does it normally take before a finally decision is made on whether they will grant you the permanent residence visa or not. I have made my application back in May 2009 and i am still waiting for them to decide and in the mean time my application is still being processed. Thanks in advance for your prompt reponse.

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