Category 2: Canada Immigration Interview Regarding Job and Qualifications

Here are some sample questions of Canadian Immigration Interview regarding your job and qualification
1. Where are you doing job now?
2. What is your designation?
3. Is this a permanent, contractual or part time job?
4. What sort of work your job involve?
5. How long you have been working at this company?
6. Have you had the similar position since you started your job?
7. Teel something about your previous jobs?
8. Tell us regarding your educational background.
9. What qualifications requirements do you have for your current job?
10. Were you trained previous to taking on this role?
11. How many people work under you?
12. Who do you report directly to in the company? Could you give their contact information?
13. Why would you wish for quit your current job and travel towards an uncertain future in Canada?
14. Do you believe that you will effortlessly find a comparable job in Canada?
15. Do you believe your qualifications are enough to assist you finding a job?
16. Do you plan to study in Canada after immigration?

Any more questions can be shared in comments please.


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