Work Permit of Canada - For IT Professionals

If you desire to immigrate to Canada and apply for PR of Canada and your profession does not fall in the current limited list of qualifying occupations, you will need to have work experience in Canada before applying for PR of Canada.

So as to get work experience, you will need a work permit of Canada. For the majority people, the big difficulty to rise above is to get a positive LMO (Labor Market Opinion) which simply means the government agrees that it would be hard for a Canadian employer to find a Canadian to do the same job.

One way to go around the Labor Market Opinion requirement is to submit an application for a work permit under a special information technology program. Citizenship and Immigration Canada has designated assured informational technology workers who do not need to get a Labor Market Opinion in order to obtain a work permit.

In other words, if you fall in this category, all you require is a job offer in Canada, and the official procedure for your Canadian employer is nominal.

The qualifying IT occupations at this time in Canada are the following:

1. Software Developer - Services
2. MIS Software Designer
3. Senior Animation Effects Editor
4. Embedded Systems Software Designer
5. Multimedia Software Developer
6. Software Products Developer
7. Telecommunications Software Designer

There are thorough work and technical experience necessities for each of the above categories, but if you fit inside one of them, it will be very easy for you to obtain a work permit.


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