Guidelines for Americans Moving to Canada

Many Americans consider the need to cross the northern border and moving to Canada. Moving to Canada from America can be complicated, but achievable. Here is some essential information and supportive guidelines to make the shift easier.

For citizens requesting permanent residency status in Canada, there are 6 classifications. It is vital to decide the exact classification that suits your needs. Here, we center on the skilled worker classification. Interested individuals entering Canada as a skilled worker have to meet the coveted mark of 67 points. Persons are scored on a points system ranking their skills and abilities to set up themselves as victorious, permanent residents of Canada. The capability to speak English or French, job skills, and work experience is factors in the points system.

Before applying, it is essential that individuals ensure they can prove their minimum of one year, paid employment and accessible funds to support their family for 6 months.

Applicants can give proof of language abilities or take a test to prove their confidence. Americans are naturally fluent in English and have little problem with this.

Realize that fees go with the application process. More than a few hundred dollars are required to apply. Such fees are refundable if the visa is not granted, or the application is reserved.

A medical exam is essential for all applicants. It is vital to determine any extreme demand on health or social services in Canada, or if an candidate presents a danger, for this reason, the medical exam is required. The examination is only valid for a period of 12 months. If the visa is not accomplished in this time, a new medical exam will be necessary.

To accelerate the application process, be sure that all forms are filled out correctly and completely. All applicable fees must be included with the application. Put pen to paper legibly. All submitted photos should be of premium.

The application procedure is practically simple. Under usual circumstances, there is no need for an applicant to hire legal representation or Canada Immigration Consultant to assist with the process.

While waiting for the consequences of an application, applicants will want to spotlight on their new home. It is vital to research the many regions in Canada. Canada is large in size and varied in culture. Applicants will want to make a decision what area is right for them.

Upon receiving of the application, applicants will be notified. Status of the application is obtainable online. A winning application will result in a permanent residence visa. Authentication of this will be sent to the applicant by mail.

The authentication is called a COPR. This must be shown at the port of entry. In addition, a current passport will be necessary at that time.

After the applicant's entrance to Canada, a permanent residency card, also called a PR, will be received.

The application procedure for permanent residency can take time, but Americans who desire to move to Canada will find the procedure worth the wait. Meeting some essential requirements can make sure that applicants are granted a permanent residency visa.


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