How to Extend Work Permit of Canada

It is possible to extend an existing work permit of Canada. The request meant for the extension purposes is required to be put forward to a Case Processing Centre located inside Canada and it is necessary that the concerned claimant must not leave the premises throughout the beginning of the application process.
It would be a judicious decision to submit an application before two months before the expiry date so as to be on the safer side. Additionally, it is necessary that the employer should get a confirmation from Human Resource Development Skilled /Service Canada so as to renew the permit. After a affirmative outcome, the employee can submit an application for the extension.
But in a number of cases, work permit is not extendable. For example, in certain cases of post graduate permit, employers are not requisite to get authentication from Human Resource Development Skilled Canada/Service Canada. But if the employers have it in mind to continue with the unchanged person at the end of the work permit term, then it is binding that he goes through the authentication application process, but the chances of achievement are not sure! Such cases require an expert guidance.
Canada is an attractive country to work and reside so keep at bay from any rejection on your work permit extension application. Take maximum information before applying for extension in work permit of Canada.
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