Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada

The Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada is a judiciary committee that reports to the Canadian government on issues associated with Immigration and Refugee.

The Board is adorned with four divisions:
1. Refugee Protection Division
2. Immigration Division
3. Immigration Appeal Division and
4. Refugee Appeal Division

Each division of IRB has the responsibility of making decisions on a variety of immigration related issues, but the tribunal process for each division remains the same. The trial is commenced in the comparable way as if a hearing is just about in a court, somewhat in an informal manner. The procedure follows Canadian laws.

Following are some of the facets associated with the Tribunal process:
· The applicant appearing facing IRB holds the right to be represented by a trusted basis for example an Immigration and Visa consultant, family member. Additionally, you have all the liberty to present arguments and documents for your case.
· Consideration can be held by various means like in person, video conference or telephonic talk also. The language used can be English or French and the claimant has the right to decide the language for his hearing. Person concerned can also submit an application for an interpreter.
· “Member” is the word given to those who hear the case. In addition, the hearings of the refugee are kept private while others can be made public.
· The conclusion is made on the basis of the background of the claimant, documents and evidences provided by the concerned person, rules and regulations of the Canadian law and the hearing.
· It is compulsory that the judge (also known as Member) should give good reason for the decision made by him by giving sufficient reasons to support the final decision.


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