Canada Immigration Programs

Canada is a very big country. It is varied in its citizens, its scenery, its climate and its lifestyle. On the other hand, Canadians do share the same essential values. These values direct and control much of everyday life. These are values of pleasure, a faith in equality and diversity and value for all individuals in society. Women, men, children and seniors are all similarly respected in Canada. Canadians may be dissimilar from each other in ethnicity but it is these shared values that make Canada a welcoming, caring, peace-loving and secure society in which to live.

Canadian Immigration Programs:
Canada Immigration programs contain 3 Main Canadian Immigration categories and other 3 Temporary Immigration Categories.
The Main Canadian Immigration categories are
1. Independent Skilled Class Category
2. Business Immigration Category
3. Family Class Category

Temporary Immigration Categories include
1. Student Visa
2. Employment Authorization
3. Live-in Caregiver Category


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