Family Class Category

In Family Class Category, a Canadian citizen or a permanent immigrant can support his/her spouse, parents/grandparents, dependent child and orphaned brother, sister, nephew, niece or grandchild - if below the age of 22 and is unmarried. A claimant can also sponsor an adopted child under the age of 22 years, or a child who is orphaned, or placed with a Child Welfare authority for adoption. If the supporter has no family member (as described above) and no relative as a Canadian citizen, or permanent resident in Canada, they are entitled to sponsor one other relative.

The sponsor has the liability to demonstrate the financial capability to give basic requirements for living in Canada, if needed, for the individuals and dependents that are to be sponsored in the Family Class, for an exact number of years (presently 3 years for spouse and 10 years for all others). These requirements are eased at the same time as sponsoring a spouse and/or unmarried children less than 22 years of age. Canadian citizens existing outside Canada can apply for sponsoring their spouse to Canada yet when they live outside Canada. They must demonstrate they would join their spouse in Canada after he/she comes to Canada.


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