Student Visa

An international student is a visitor who has been accepted by a Canadian Immigration Officer or Visa Officer to learn in Canada through getting letter from institution they plan to attend. The student approval document identifies the level of study, and time period that the person may study in Canada. The student have to show that they have resources to cover tuition and living costs, and convince to a Visa Officer that he plan to return home at the end of his studies. He may also be required to pass a medical examination.

International students are allowed to work in Canada only if it is a necessary part of the program under study, Work in a field associated to their studies for a period of up to one year after completing their education, Graduate- assistant work, To meet up financial requirements- when an obtainable source of funding is discontinue through no mistake of their own and Work on campus at the institution at which they are registered as permanent student.


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what is the status of students in Canada

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