Overview of Medical Test for Canadian PR

The Medical test obligation for your Canada immigration applications is on the cards and there might be a little complexity involved. Medical requirement turn out to be more essential if you are applying for Permanent Residence of Canada.

Depending on your Canada immigration application and details provided, you might have to carry out a medical exam. As a rule, permanent residents of Canada have to go by a medical requirement exam to make sure that your health is not hazardous to the Canadian public or will not enforce an extreme medical command over health and social services of Canada. The medical exam check includes autism, learning disabilities and rest circumstances that might entail extra medical care or social services. Subsequent to submitting your Canada visa request, you may take delivery of directives on medical exam undertaking.

After your Canadian Immigration medical test, you will not be informed by the doctor of the medical exam result but any serious health problem requiring medical attention instantaneously. The practitioner will not present any pass-fail medical result to you; as an alternative he is responsible to pass the information to CIC office and CIC will take the absolute decision depending on your medical exam. You will be provided on paper if there is any problem regarding your health. Note that PR medical requirements and rules are more severe and be different to temporary residents, students or visitors’ regulations.

Time Limit for Canada Visa Application Medical Exam:

After victorious medical test you will be issued your medical test report which will be legal for 12 months. If your medical test report has failed the specified date then you will require taking again. You have to visit approved medical practitioners or doctors by CIC for Canadian Immigration or Canadian permanent citizenship.


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What is the difference between a PR medical test and Student medical test. I want to go to canada on student visa

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