How to Work as a Live-in Caregiver in Canada?

The Live-in Caregiver Program in Canada is a particular program whose purpose is to bring workers to Canada to perform live-in work as caregivers when there are not sufficient Canadian Citizens to fill the obtainable positions.

A live-in caregiver in Canada is someone who provides care to kids, the aged or the disabled inside a private household.

Victorious overseas applicants take delivery of an employment approval allowing them to work in Canada as live-in caregiver. Subsequent to two years of employment, which ought to be completed inside three years of the caregiver’s influx in Canada, program participants can submit an application in Canada to turn out to be permanent residents. They might be granted permanent resident status provided they meet up a number of requirements.

There are three major requirements you will have to meet to meet the criteria under the Live-in Caregiver Program in Canada:

1. Successful achievement of the equal of a Canadian high school education. This obligation will help to make sure that participants who submit an application for lasting residence after two years will be able to do well in the general labor market. Studies point out that the mass of new jobs in Canada need at least a high school education.

2. Six months of full-time training or 12 months of knowledge in salaried employment in a field or job connected to the job you are looking for as a live-in caregiver. You might have gained your training or knowledge in early childhood education, aged care, pediatric nursing or first aid or the like. You might have completed your training as fraction of your prescribed education. so as to meet the criteria for experience, you have to have completed one year of full-time paid service, including at least six months of nonstop employment with one employer, in that field or profession. This experience ought to have been obtained inside the three years right away prior to the day on which you apply for an employment approval to a visa officer.

3. Ability to converse read and understand whichever English or French. You have to be able to function separately in a home setting. For instance, you have to be able to contact emergency services if necessary and to recognize labels on medication. You will be unsupervised for most of the day and might be put in a position of having to converse with somebody outside the home. A first-class knowledge of English or French will also allow you to read and understand for yourself what your rights and responsibilities are.


Carer said...

I am from Philippines and want to work as a live-in caregiver in Canada. Can somebody offer me a live-in caregiver job in Canada. i am very experienced and can easily handle adults, kids and disable people. i have a very good temperament to work in hectic situations.

Nanny said...

This is very nice information for those like me who want to move to Canada from their home country, Canada is a superb country to live in. I love moving to Canada and this blog make my way easy

Anonymous said...

People are saying that the condition of live-in caregivers is very bad in Canada these days. Whats your opinion?

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