New Canadian Visit Visa Program

Canadian Immigration Minister has freshly announced that the country will begin a newest visa visit visa program. It will make it much easier for populace to take a trip of Canada than before, as it is designed with easy application process by making enhanced use of government resources.

With the intention of temporarily visit Canada, citizens of a number of countries have to choose a visitor visa. At this time, the maximum validity period of a multiple-entry Canadian visit visa is 5 years. At the same time as other nations are issuing visitor visas with 10 years validity period, now the Canadian Immigration and Citizenship Department is also planning to change its policy for that reason.

In keeping with the modifications, people who are applying for multiple-entry Canadian visit visa might now get visa with the utmost validity of 10-year on their passports. In order to meet the criteria, the applicants have to meet a number of requirements, for instance:

1. Present applications for multiple visa
2. Ought to have a passport valid for 10 years
3. Have to qualify as a case with low- risk

The government of Canada advises that these kinds of visas must be granted to grandparents and parents with sponsorships in practice and business reason visitors.

In accordance with the immigration procedure of Canada, the Immigration Minister Jason Kenny, has said that extra applications with higher expectations specify that Canada immigration wants a more friendly and flexible system of processing application. He also expressed that with the intention of attaining that, the CIC is providing the proper tools to the employees and applicants to deliver the best on the expectations.


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Its a great idea to extend the period of Visitor Visa to 10 years.

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