Cover Letter for Post Office Job

While applying for a post office job, never forget to include an attention grabbing cover letter in your application package. Look at the following cover letter for post office job in order to make your eye-catching and impressive cover letter.

Sample Cover Letter for Post Office Job

977 Example Street
Houston TX 69888

May 1, 2006

Mr. John Doe
Hiring Manager
The US Postal Service
29 Example Avenue
Houston TX 69888

Dear Mr. Doe:

Your Postal Office Clerk position demands the skills, talent, and work ethic that I have developed in my previous position as dispatch clerk in different companies. An experienced clerk with extensive knowledge in office communication and postal services, I am enthusiastic to leverage my past experience and qualifications to add to your bottom line.

Based on my understanding of Postal Office Clerk positions at The US Postal Service, here are a number of aspects of my background that seem most appropriate to meet your requirements:
• Reply questions regarding mail regulations and procedures, postage rates
• Check mail so as to make sure correct postage and that packages and letters are in appropriate condition for mailing
• Complete forms about changes of address, or stealing or loss of mail, or for particular services for instance registered or priority mail.
• Feed mail into postage canceling devices or hand stamp mail to withdraw postage.
• Maintain the cash and order of money drawers, and record and balance every day transactions.
• Get signatures from recipients of registered or particular delivery mail.

As you are looking for a candidate who can settle in and contribute to your different clerical functions, I expect you will think about my credentials. I will contact you next week to find out there is possibility of a personal interview. In the meantime, I can be contacted at [Contact #] or email at [Email Here]. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Sara K. Arnold

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KK said...

You have created an excellent cover letter. Will you believe that new boss appreciated my covering letter during interview. And i think that this cover letter played a vital role in getting my current job in post office

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