500 Cap on Canadian Immigration New Applications

Canada has reduced the figure of new applications for federal skilled worker to 10,000 for each year. The immigration department of Canada is expecting that decrease in the figure of applications will facilitate them to deal with its log jam of visa applications.

In accordance with the system of Canadian federal skilled worker, the skilled migrants can get a permanent residence visa together with their family members, if they could make adequate points on their points test. On the other hand, Australia and Denmark also use this points-test system.

To submit an application for any skilled occupation in Canada, the applicants are necessary to have knowledge in an occupation included in the National Occupation Classification list. In accordance with the newest immigration policy, each year, only 500 applications can be lodged for any one of the skilled occupations and 10,000 visas will be settled.

It has made the procedure of applying for Canadian skilled immigration a tricky job for several; at the same time as because of the reduced quota few people can submit an application for it. With the intention of reducing the log jam backlog that makes the applicants wait for a longer period of time to obtain their visa, this new strategy is introduced by the Citizenship and Immigration Department of Canada.

For the citizens who wish to live and work in Canada, there are a lot of schemes or policies obtainable along with the most recent federal skilled worker program, for example: Provincial Nominee Program and the Quebec Skilled Workers system. For some skilled migrants, these immigration schemes can be a superior option for Canada migration.


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