Low Cost of Living in Canada

Canada is the second biggest country of the globe, consisting of ten provinces and 3 territories. When it comes to the expenditure of living in this Canada, the home cost of living in dissimilar regions may significantly vary from each other.

For example: Toronto has the utmost cost of living followed by Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal, and Ottawa in that order.

Getting a thought on the cost of housing, taxes and family expenses in a variety of Canadian cities would be helpful for you, as it will assist you to decide the right place for your immigration in the country.

In Vancouver, BC the existing cost can be superior to other regions of the country. This is why, to keep your standard of living in this region you might need to have one extra wage-earner.

In accordance with the residents of the UK and Europe, the expenditure of living in Canada is lower than their inhabitant countries.

Mainly, the accommodation rate of Canada is rather cheaper than the other industrial nations crossways the globe. The standard housing rate in the country is about 7 times the standard yearly salary. Though, the accommodation prices in Ontario and Alberta are 7 times the standard wage and in Vancouver, it is 11 times the standard wage.

Populace migrating to Canada with the earnings of house sales from other countries with more expensive housing, can buy a house in the country with considerably less mortgage. It helps them to use their takings for other necessary activities.

In contrast to other western countries, food, petrol or gasoline, cars, car insurances, power all are cheaper in Canada. In line with the survey,

•As contrast to London, the existing cost in Toronto is 30% lower.
•The livelihood cost in Vancouver is 12% lesser than in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
•The expenditure of living in Ottawa is 5% inferior to Glasgow.


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