Processing time for Manitoba PNP

In 2007, the Manitoba PNP processed over 50 per cent of its priority streams within 4 months, nominated 3,370 candidates for an approval rate of 87 per cent. General stream applications had a normal processing time for full applications of 11.5 months.

The Manitoba PNP is based on a mutual agreement with the Government of Canada which necessitate the province to systematically and constantly pre-screen all applicants to make sure that every nominee has an obviously demonstrated potential to turn out to be a successful economic immigrant to Manitoba.

This is why the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program processes the strongest applicants in its list first by choosing those with confirmed employment, job-ready English, training and works knowledge as well as experience indicating potential for employability and/or strong family connections from a bigger pool of applicants applying throughout several priority streams and one general stream.

Manitoba cannot give assurance of processing times for any application since each application is evaluated on its own merits, many are incomplete, and all need methodical and reliable follow-up with applicants and supporters to make certain the program truthfulness.


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