0632 Accommodation Service Managers

This occupation comes in the category of 063 Managers in Food Service and Accommodation. This is Middle and other level Management Occupation. This is one of the highly demanded 38 professions required for Canadian Immigration. The labor pool for this profession is fairly vast. It is composed primarily of individuals with a solid background in accommodation, who have, for instance, worked as hotel front desk clerks and supervisors.

Accommodation service managers’ plan, organizes, direct, control and appraise the operations of a lodging establishment or of a department inside such an establishment. They are engaged by hotels, motels, resorts, student residences and other lodging establishments, or they might be self-employed.

Model Titles of 0632 Accommodation Service Managers
  • Assistant manager, hotel
  • Bed and breakfast operator
  • Front desk manager
  • Guest-house operator
  • Hotel director
  • Hotel manager
  • Tourist home operator
  • Motel manager
  • Reservations manager
  • Seasonal resort manager
  • Ski resort manager

Main duties of 0632 Accommodation Service Managers

Accommodation service managers execute some or all of the following duties:

  1. Develop, implement and assess strategies and procedures for the operation of the department or establishment
  2. Organize budgets and monitor revenues and expenses
  3. Contribute in the development of pricing and promotional strategies
  4. Talk with suppliers for the stipulation of materials and supplies
  5. Negotiate with customers for the use of amenities for conventions, banquets, receptions and other functions
  6. Employ and supervise staff, oversee training and set work schedules
    Resolution of complaints of customers

Employment requirements for 0632 Accommodation Service Managers

  • A university degree or college diploma in hotel management or other related regulation is typically required for managers employed by hotel chains or large lodging establishments.
  • Quite a few years of experience within the accommodation industry are generally required and might alternate for formal educational requirements.

Wage Structure of 0632 Accommodation Service Managers

0632 General Wage

Low $9.30

High $17.00

Average $12.84



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