Open work permits now available to children of Temporary Foreign Workers in Alberta and Ontario

The provinces of Alberta and Ontario have each freshly announced pilot projects that will permit working-age dependent children of temporary foreign workers in those provinces to get Open Work Permits.

The Open Work Permits will permit the holders to work in whichever occupation in Alberta or Ontario, devoid of first receiving a confirmed job offer or a Labor Market Opinion from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC). A Labor Market Opinion is a document that HRSDC issue to employers that reveal that the employer’s short-term job offer meets the HRSDC standards and is generally necessary for work permit issuance. Though, Open Work Permit holders can work devoid of having to undergo this process.

It is predictable that facilitating employment for dependents of temporary foreign workers will magnetize more international workers with in-demand education and skills.


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if my spouse apply for open work permit with my study english mandatory for him ?...

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