0213 Computer and Information Systems Managers

The occupation of 0213 Computer and Information Systems Managers comes under the category of 021 Managers in Engineering, Architecture, Science and Information Systems. This is a Middle level Management Occupation. This is one of the 38 professions required for Canadian Immigration.


Computer and information systems managers plan, organize, direct, control and appraise the activities of associations and organizations that analyze, design, develop, implement, operate and manage computer and telecommunications networks, software, and information systems. They are employed throughout the public and private sectors.

Example Titles dor 0213 Computer and Information Systems Managers:

Below are some example titles for 0213 Computer and Information Systems Managers
  • EDP (electronic data processing) manager
  • Management information system (MIS) manager
  • IT (information technology) development manager
  • IT (information technology) integration manager
    Manager, software engineering
  • Manager, data processing and systems analysis
  • Manager, management information system (MIS)
  • Computer systems manager
  • Data centre manager
  • Systems development manager
  • Data processing director
  • Information systems manager
  • Software development manager
  • Communication systems design manager
  • Computer and related services manager
  • Computer applications manager
  • Computer department co-coordinator
  • Computer development division head
  • Computer facility manager
  • Computer manager
  • Computer networks manager
  • Computer programs manager
  • Computer projects manager
  • Computer software design manager
  • Computer system operations manager
  • Computer systems development manager
  • Computer systems manager
  • Computerized information systems manager
  • Computerized technical information manager
  • Data centre manager
  • Data processing and systems analysis manager
  • Data processing director
  • Data processing manager
  • Data processing planning manager
  • Director of technology management
  • Director, information systems development
  • Director, information systems operations
  • Director, software engineering
  • EDP (electronic data processing) manager
  • Electronic data processing (EDP) manager
  • Information systems manager
  • Information technology (IT) development manager
  • Information technology (IT) integration manager
  • Internet systems administrator
  • Manager, computer and related services
  • Manager, computer application development
  • Manager, computer applications
  • Manager, computer facility
  • Manager, computer legacy systems
  • Manager, computer system operations
  • Manager, computer systems
  • Manager, computer systems development
  • Manager, computerized information systems
  • Manager, data centre
  • Manager, data processing
  • Manager, data processing and systems analysis
  • Manager, data processing planning
  • Manager, EDP (electronic data processing)
  • Manager, electronic data processing (EDP)
  • Manager, information systems
  • Manager, IT implementation
  • Manager, IT integration
  • Manager, network design
  • Manager, software engineering
  • Manager, systems – computer systems
  • Manager, systems development – computer systems
  • Software development manager
  • Systems development manager
  • Systems development manager – computer systems
  • Systems implementation manager – computer systems
  • Systems integration manager – computer systems
  • Systems manager – computer systems
  • Systems operations manager – computer systems

Main duties of 0213 Computer and Information Systems Managers:

Computer and information systems managers perform some or all of the following duties:

1. Plan, organize, control, evaluate and direct the operations of information systems and electronic data processing (EDP) departments and companies.

2. Develop and execute policies and procedures for electronic data processing and computer systems operations and development.

3. Meet with clients to talk about system requirements, specifications, costs and timelines
Assemble and manage teams of information systems persons to design, develop, implement, operate and manage computer and telecommunications software, networks and information systems.

4. Control the financial plan and expenditures of the department, company or project.

5. Employ and oversee computer analysts, engineers, programmers, technicians and other personnel and oversee their professional development and training.

Employment requirements for 0213 Computer and Information Systems Managers:

1. A bachelor's or master's degree in computer science, business administration, commerce or engineering is usually required.

2. Several years of experience in systems analysis, data administration, software engineering, network design or computer programming, including supervisory experience, are required.


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Kunapuli Satya said...

What about a qualified Chartered Accountant working as SAP Functional Consultant-FICO?

Comrade said...

Above 2 prfessions are not qualifying under this category

Anonymous said...

what about fake hrsdc approved arranged employment opinion letter

ADI said...

what about software engineer its not in the list

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dont think about fake anf fraud ways, you will be trapped

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yes ADI,
software engineer do not lies in the highly demanded professions list

vicky said...

How about "Business Analyst (in eCommerce department)", Who deals with Business Requorement Analysis and Testing of software???

Farah said...

Does a information technology manager with a MBA and 4 years of experience qualify for this category? Is this the only category he fits in?

Narendra said...

what about computer faculty who possess MCA degree.

Anonymous said...

What about a technology manager in telecommunications company? I have Bsc electrical engineering degree with 5 years experience

Anonymous said...

ACS (australia computer society) recoginze my skill as IT/Computer system manager. Can i use ACS skill assessment to apply under 0213.

Anonymous said...

ACS (australian computer society) recognize my skill as IT/Computer System Manager.
Can this assessment result help to apply under 0213?

Comrade said...

Yes you can apply under 0213 providing that you have at least 1 year of experience in the relevant filed

OCP said...

I am workign in Govt organization as Manager IT and perform same duties but organization unable to provid me experience letter. I have one option my father have own bussines and they able to give me such letter. i have 8 year experience in htis field

Mallar said...

I am working as a Advisory System Analyst with IBM India for lat 3+ yrs. Having a total exp of 9+ yrs.
Some of my job roles:-
> Estimate each intigration change
> Release planning for the project in conjunction with client.
> Impact analysis for the changes.
> Resource allocation.
> Communication with various teams those are stake holders
> Regular status meeting with the client.

However IBM will not give any certificate describing any of these. Against policy.

How do i prove it? do I need to actually? Am I eligible?

Also earlier I had a PR in Canada 9yrs back in 2001 worked there for 6 months with TD bank. But came back after I lost my job due to recession. Eventually I lost my PR status.

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What about Information Security Department

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i am working as a software engineer. In which category software engineer comes??

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