Who is a Skilled Worker?

According to Canadian Immigration Offices, skilled workers are people who are selected as lasting residents based on their capability to become set up themselves and find a job in their respective field in Canada.

On February 27, 2008 there was a major change in Canadian Immigration eligibility factors. Federal skilled worker applications received on or after February 27, 2008 are now assessed by points based system along with a mandatory change i.e. 1 year experience in the list of 38 occupations. So you have to attain 67 points along with 1 year’s experience of 38 selected occupations. Find atlist of occupations required for Canada Immigration

According to the Canadian Immigration Minister’s directions, your application is entitled for processing if:

1. You are a skilled worker who has at least one year of experience in one or more of the list of 38 occupations.

2. You have an offer letter of arranged employment from any company of Canada which is recognized by HRDSC.

3. You are a overseas national who has been living lawfully in Canada for over one year as a provisional foreign worker.

4. You are an international student.


Anonymous said...

The Canadian Arranged Employment program is nothing more than a joke. It is only for people with connections in Canada. I am living in Canada and my sister wants to immigrate as well. She is very good at what she does and have 14 years of experience in her profession. Together we have applied for over 100 jobs and no one even bothered to respond. We have also checked to see if the Canadian Goverment make their jobs open for arranged employment but they don't.

Why would an employer hire anyone that will only be able to join the company 8 - 12 months down the line if there are Canadians that can do the job?

Sunny said...

Dear Anonymous!
Please visit the listings of 18 Feb and you will find the news there. Candian immigration minister visited Pakistan and India and promised to expedite pending immigration cases


Comrade said...

Dear Anonymous,
Hard work is the key of success, you may apply 100 more jobs to get an interview call. You have to do it

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i Applied for migrating to canada as a skilled worker. I make payment option as credit card. but i unfortunately lost my credit card. I had sent a letter stating the situation and enclosed a new fees payment form. I want to know whether they will reject my application or conside my request letter

Comrade said...

your request letter will definately considered. dont u worry

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