Canada might decrease the number of Immigrants

Due to current uncertainty of economy worldwide, the Canadian government have recently announced the probability of a decrease in the number of immigrants to be entered to Canada.
Canada's Minister of Immigration is planning to meet with Federal and Provincial officials in March 2009 to analyze the economic situation of the country and to decide if changes to number of immigrants are warranted.

The current Canadian target to entertain immigrants for the year 2009 is between 240,000 and 265,000.

The Minister cited that due to current worldwide economic downturn, Canada is the sole highly developed country that has not yet decreased the number of immigrants. It is not confirm that Canada can still make this claim in the coming days.
Canada's Minister of Immigration has the power to amend the immigration selection system in order to increase or decrease the number of immigrants and such changes may made without any prior notices.

So, if you you qualify for Canadian Immigration and thinking about immigrating to Canada than this is the right time to do action and it is in your best interest to submit your immigration application now.


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