History of immigration to Canada

After the early period of French and British colonization, four main waves of immigration of non-resident peoples took place over a time of approximately two centuries. The fifth wave is ongoing at this time.

The first major and non-aboriginal immigration to Canada happened over about two centuries with sluggish but progressive French settlement at Acadia and Quebec with slighter numbers of American and European capitalists in addition to British military people.

The successive waves of Canadian Immigration History were of Britain and Irish that were motivated to settle in Canada after the War of 1812, which comprised British army patrons who had served up in the war, by the royal governors of Canada, who were concerned about another American assault and to counter the French-speaking pressure of Quebec, rushed to encourage resolution in backward country areas along newly constructed plank roads within prepared land areas, mostly in Upper Canada. It is existing Ontario.

Within the second immigration wave, Irish immigration to Canada had been growing when the Irish Potato food shortage occurred from 1846 to 1849 resulting in hundreds of thousands more Irish arriving on Canada's coast, although a major portion migrated to the US over the following decades.

These intense waves of immigration coming regularly from continental Europe sharp in 1910�1913 (over 410,000 in 1913) and again in 1957 (285,000) making Canada a multicultural country with considerable non-French or non-English speaking populations.

Since the 1970s, Canada immigration history has changed tremendously because of visible minorities from the developing countries, since limitations on non-white immigrants were altogether removed. imigration levels were increased more by the late 1980s which have been uphold with slight fluctuations since (220,000�275,000 annually). Currently, the majority of immigrants are coming from South Asia and China and this trend is probable to continue.


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In 2010, Almost 280,000 people immigrated to canada which is a record highest figure in the previous decade

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