Where Should I file my Immigration case?

People who are not living in their native country are often confused about which Canada Immigration Office to apply for.

The regulation is that you may apply in any one of two places i.e. the Canada Immigration Office responsible for your country of residence or your country of citizenship.

But if you have been legally entered to your country of current residence for at least twelve months, you may apply through your country of residence.

This regulation has some big advantages. For instance, if the office in your country of citizenship has long wait times for Canadian immigration, and the situation is opposite in your country of residence then you must apply from your country of residence.

Another good tip is that you don’t need to be lived in your country of residence for twelve months before applying; you only need to have been admitted there for at least twelve months. This means you can apply for Canadian immigration once you arrive in your country of residence with your twelve month work permit.


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