Canada encourages new immigrants

Canada encourages immigrants from all over the world to come and work in Canada under Skilled Immigration program. In the first week of February 2009, federal budget announced an additional $50 million to improve the processing method of recognizing internationally-obtained work experience and education, so that newcomers to Canada can obtain jobs in their respective fields of specialization without any delay.

The better funding will go towards the growth of a common structure across Canadian provinces and regions for the appraisal of foreign qualifications. This is an element of Canada's plans to boost labor mobility all through the country. Provincial and territorial labor ministers plan to have this agenda prepared by September 2009.


Anonymous said...

And how long will the process of getting this achieved take? Decades? Things in Canada are moving very slowly, because I guess Canada is looking at immigrants as if they are a cash cow to be milked. I am not proud of myself that I immigranted here. Wrong choice! I should have done my homework more carefully before I started paying fees after fees for application, for permanent residence and for citizenship. Canada is giving very little back to skilled immigrants compared to what these people bring to Canada. And who says that obtaining the Canadian citizenship is a privilege must be painfully mistaken, because the citizenship is for sale, it is a product, one buys it after a thousand and something of days here and after having brought into Canada several thousands of dollars as a skilled immigrant to spend while looking in vain to find a job in his/her professional field. What a profitable business this art of immigration must be for those concerned!

The unfair treatment that has been applied to foreign-trained doctors, engineers, paramedics, teachers, professors and alike really qualifies as IMMIGRANT ABUSE.

Anonymous said...

in my point of view, think before immigration. I will always prefefer australia for immigration

Khalid Mehmood said...

I want to settle in Canada. How can I get the visa for Canada.

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