Progress in Language Requirements | Canadian Immigration

Canadian government has advanced the language requirements rules which will increase fairness, reduce unnecessary delays in immigration.

The Government of Canada is reforming the procedure for evaluating the language expertise of applicants to the Federal Skilled Worker FSW and Canadian Experience classes.

The language requirements are same but future immigrants will be required to show their English IELTS and French language abilities at the time they submit an application commencing April 10, 2010. This obligation supports Canada’s obligation to fast, fair and well-organized immigration application processing.

Formerly, to show language capability in French or English i.e. IELTS, applicants could either put forward an autonomous, third-party test or a written compliance to a visa officer. The written submission was planned for citizens whose primary language is either English or French. On the other hand, lots of applicants whose first language was not English or French were taking benefit of the written submission. The submission wouldn’t satisfactorily prove their aptitude and they would have to give further proof, leading to dealing out delays that could take months.

For faster, fairer processing, all applicants are expectant to put forward independent, third-party language test results. The language test gives applicants an apparent hint of their aptitude before they submit an application. When submitting written evidence, applicants don’t know what their outcome will be awaiting their application is reviewed by the visa officer, after a prescribed application and fees are lodged with Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

An immigrant’s English IELTS or French language aptitude is one of the strongest predictors of their achievement in the job market. Canadian Experience Class applicants have to meet least language requirements derived from the job they do. On a choice grid value 100 points in total, Federal Skilled Workers can be awarded equal to 24 points for their official language ability.


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