Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Immigration – Steps of the Procedure

Immigrating to Canada and Finding Employment
If you are thinking to immigrate to Canada, it is very important for that you have the correct understanding of the application process for the Canadian FSW. If truth be told, the secret of winning immigration lies in the good understanding of the application process and little homework earlier.

Let’s have a glance at the application process for Canadian Federal Skilled Worker program:

1. Earlier than an applicant is set to work on the application process, he have to verify that the Federal Skilled Worker category is suitable for him. It follows choosing the accurate application form.

2. The applicant is requisite to obtain his qualifications, profession, experience, and other essential documents assessed by the official body.

3. When filling up the form(s), the candidate must confirm that he has put in all the details cautiously and it is complete. Unfinished forms are almost certainly to be rejected.

4. The fee for the processing of the application for the candidate in addition to dependants must be submitted together with the forms.

5. Afterward, the application will go to the Centralized Intake Office (CIO) in Nova Scotia, Canada. At this point, things undergo inspection and the CIO will make a decision whether the application meets the basics for the Federal Skilled Worker program. If they find the application complete the criteria, they would forward it to the designated country visa office; or else if they end up with a pessimistic decision, the application is probably to be returned back.

6. This follows the compliance of the application together with all the necessary documents at the local visa office.

7. The candidate must give the IELTS test score report earned for the language proficiency at the visa office.

8. The candidate must bear his/her expenses related to medical and safety clearances.

9. Once the candidate is accepted to immigrate to Canada, he has to back the Right to Permanent Resident fee. On the other hand, the fee, which covers both the candidate and his spouse or law partner, must be paid previous to the applicant is issued with the PR visa. Subsequently, if the applicant decides not to use this visa, the fee would be repaid.

10. Lastly, the applicant must put forward his passport to be stamped on the visa.

The procedure of making application is one of the vital parts of the entire immigration process. This is the stage where you must be presented yourself attentively so as to make your immigration winning. At the same time as, you may find it critical at times; hiring a Canada Immigration Lawyer would be the smartest move you could make!


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Anonymous said...

any hope to get canadian immigration if i scored 66 instead of 67 passing marks for skilled worker

Anonymous said...

what is the score band required for sales category for immigration to canada

Anonymous said...

I understand that the CAP for the federal Skilled Worker has been reached and CIC will set a new cap on July 1, 2012.

As I am preparing my application for the federal Skilled Worker, can I submit my application anytime before July 1, 2012 or do I have to wait for the release of the new CAP before submitting my application/

Thanks and regards.

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