Canadian Married To American Moving To Canada

My girlfriend and I are doing arrangement on getting married and living in Canada. We both presently live in the US. I'm Canadian and finishing up a TN work visa.

As declared, we are scheduling on moving to Canada.

Should we get wedded in the US or in Canada, or does it matter?

Once we obtain the official procedure started to petition to get her to immigrate to Canada. Will she be permissible to reside with me during that time? Or does she should remain outside of the country? Can she work throughout that time? In addition, can she work if she's sponsored by a Canadian company?

How long can she live in the country although visiting, waiting for the rules and regulations to go through?

I know this site is typically for Canadian Immigration, are there any additional websites devoted more to Americans trying to come to Canada?

Re: Canadian Married To American Moving To Canada
When does your TN end? Do you preparation on moving back to Canada once it expires, or do you plan to renew it?

Does not matter where you get married, but if you are in the US now, might additionally just get married and start the formalities. You can petition for an "out-land" request, which generally only take about 6 months or so. If you stay to do it until she is in Canada, it will take 18 months or longer, and she will not be able to work throughout that time. If you do outland, it will be about 6 months, then you move to Canada simultaneously and she can start working practically right away.


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