American Doctors Moving To Canada

American doctors would have to convene Canadian standards of medical education. I have known doctors from somewhere else in the world who had to improve so as to meet Canadian standards, but I ought to think that an American doctor from a trustworthy school would almost certainly not have to do any upgrading.

There is a lack of doctors in Canada, particularly in remote and rural areas. I just dated a doctor. When he graduated, he was offered $160K in addition to all living expenses remunerated (a residence to live in, a car to use, etc.) to go job in Sudbury. He twisted it down, and now makes $180K in Toronto (and by the way, he was astonished to realize what I make and that I take a mortgage on it

Medical licensing measures differ from province to province. You might have to manage immigration issues as well. There's in essence a points system that Immigration Canada uses to make a decision whether or not to let you permanent resident status, where you're awarded points for things like knowing English or French, contain funds to set up yourself, etc.

With the shortage of doctors in Canada, one can only expect that appointment promises are kept and some improved programs are instituted to re-train doctors from abroad in order to create their skill set well-matched.


Anonymous said...

I am an doctor from usa and want to move to canada. i want to know that which province of canada is best for medical practice. i am thinking to move british columbia.
can someone advice me

Comrade said...

Globally Trained Doctors and under serviced Communities Will Be Impacted by GP Licensing Standardization

A moment ago this week, the Canadian Health Care Network and Medical Post reported that the different Provincial Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons have at last attained a universal standard for IMG (International Medical Graduates) license applicants.

Physician recruiters from crossways the country will be give a round of applause this move as it means it will give well skilled foreign trained doctors with restricted and provisional licenses the capability to move to another province. It may though make things even more challenging for the northern rural areas and smaller towns suffering the nastiest from the doctor shortage.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous,
Are you still looking to move to Canada?

Anonymous said...

Yes i am still interested
Is there any problem going there

Anonymous said...

I own a medical clinic in the province of Saskatchewan and we are currently seeking doctors for our clinic. Where are you currently practicing and what are your plans?

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous, I also own a medical clinic in Winnipeg Mb. A very large clinic that see's 4-5 hundred pt's a day and has lab and x-ray, if interested let me know.

Anonymous said...

Please give yor contact information

W. House (whouseATtulaneDOTedu) said...

I'm currently a first year med student (US MD program) and my wife and I have considered moving to British Columbia to practice family medicine. We'd love to live somewhere like Bowen Island (and yes, we know the issues with island living; we were moving to Orcas Island, Wa before my career change to medicine).

I realize it's very early in the process but I'd love to hear from any recruiters in the BC area.

Anonymous said...

I anyone is looking for a position in Ontario, please give me a call 1.647.271.5090. I look forward to hearing from you.

Anonymous said...

W. House please give me a call 647.271.5090

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