Recent changes in Quebec Immigration programs

Quebec Immigration Minister Yolande James has recently publicized changes to Quebec’s immigration program that would make simpler and faster the immigration procedure for international students and foreign workers in Quebec in addition to make easy the selection of immigrants who can accomplish the province’s economic and labor market requirements.

Though the province of Quebec welcomed over 45,100 newcomers to previous year, it is facing a considerable labor shortage. The goal of the planned changes is to catch the attention of more immigrants in the coming years.

The majority of the changes will not be in operation until later this year. Though, some rules have previously been implemented, and some details about potential changes have just been announced.

The most important change is the beginning of a completely new program, called le Programme de l’expérience québécoise (PEQ). The program will facilitate foreign students and temporary workers in Quebec to immigrate enduringly to Quebec under a easy application process if they meet up criteria. Whereas the PEQ has not been put into practice yet, it is probable to come into effect in the coming months.

To qualify under the PEQ, foreign students have to obtain a degree or diploma from an educational institution accepted by the Quebec Ministry of Education and they ought to have studied in Quebec for at least two years. Additionally, if their studies were not finished in French, they have to show that they have effectively completed a level B1 French course at a Quebec educational institution.

Temporary foreign workers might meet the criteria under the PEQ if they have 12 months of Quebec work experience in a skilled, executive or professional occupation in the 24 months previous to their application. They should be employed and show legal status in Quebec at the instance of their application. Also, they must show that have effectively completed a level B1 French course at a Quebec educational institution, or give results of a standardized French Proficiency Test. On the other hand, they can demonstrate that they have contented the French language requirements of the professional order governing their profession in Quebec.

Foreign students and temporary workers who do not meet up the above criteria can still apply to immigrate to Quebec under the Quebec Skilled Worker category. It is expected that the fast-track PEQ will be launched in the coming months.


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