Processing times of Canadian Immigration

The length of time it takes to process your application of Canadian Immigration varies depending on the country where you applied. But there are a certain things to follow if you want to keep away from unnecessary delays in your immigration application.

You may avoid delays in your Canadian immigration processing times by:
1. Making sure that all the essential information is incorporated with your immigration application.
2. On time notifying the visa office of any changes to private information on your application, for example your address, telephone and fax numbers or a change in the structure of your family.
3. Avoiding frequent inquiries to the visa office.
4. Following all directions from the visa office in a sensible manner.
5. Make it certain that the photocopies and documents you give are clear and legible.
6. Providing certified English or French translations of original documents that you put forward in other languages.
7. Sending your application to the right visa office consistent with your situation.
Your immigration application may be delayed if the visa office has to take additional steps to evaluate your immigration case.

Your application of Canadian Immigration may take a longer time if:
1. There are security problems or criminal activities connected to your application, or if extra security background checks are required.
2. Your family status is not apparent as a consequence of a situation, for example a divorce or an adoption that is not up till now complete or child guardianship issues that have not been resolved.


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