Government of Canada signs first-ever immigration agreement with Northwest Territories

Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister of Canada Jason Kenney announced the signing of an agreement to facilitate and attract new immigrants to the Northwest Territories.

He was very pleased to declare the very first nominee agreement with the Northwest Territories. This pilot plan will enhanced extend and make stronger the benefits of immigration for the Northwest Territories and permit it to bring in the immigrants it needs faster. Provincial nominee programs are an important part of Canada government’s focus on ensuring that its immigration system comes into line with labor market needs.

The Northwest Territories Nominee Program (NTNP) is controlled by the Government of the Northwest Territories through an accord with Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The program will help build up the Territories’ economy by attracting skilled individuals to fill serious labor shortages and encourage business development.

This program will let North West Territories to promote the migration of skilled workers. Foreign workers can lend a hand in building a strong, balanced and diversified economy that will do well to all Northerners.

Persons nominated by the territorial government are entitled to have their request processed on a priority basis for permanent residency through Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). Final authority rests exclusively with CIC to issue permanent residency.

Candidate can be selected for permanent residency under one of four program categories:
1. Skilled Worker
2. Critical Impact Worker (Service and Hospitality Sector Occupations)
3. Entrepreneur Business
4. Self-Employed Business

Beginning from 05 August, 2009, the Department of Education, Culture and Employment will be delivering the Northwest Territories Nominee Program at its service centers. This is a 3-year pilot program.


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