Store Manager Cover Letter Example

A candidate applying for the position of a Store Manager will need to ensure that he or she specifies the exact skills, in their cover letter, that are absolutely necessary to be able to do this job properly. Store managers need to be on their toes all the time as they are constantly ensuring that sales goals are met and that customer satisfaction is imminent.

Here is an example of a cover letter for a store manager resume that you may customize for your application.

Store Manager Cover Letter Example

710 N State Street
Jackson, MS 77363

September 13, 2012

Mr. Kurt Russell
Manager (Human Resources)
635 Eleanor Drive
Jackson, MS 55524

Dear Mr. Russell:

I heard through my friend Rachel Nathanial who works for the accounting department at Hudson’s that there is a vacant position for a Store Manager which you are about to advertise. I would like to offer my services for this job as I am confident that my prior experience in retail management along with strong leadership skills is exactly what you are looking for.

My experience in managing retail outlets is vast as I have had the opportunity to administer store operations for over six years. This hands-on experience have instilled in me the capability to coordinate work flow and manage customers so that their retail experience is more satisfactory compared to other competitors. I am an organized, energetic and self driven when it comes to making sales strategies and goals.

Furthermore, I am proficient in providing training to new employees and ensure that existing sales staff is kept on its toes by polishing their skills constantly. I have had the opportunity to boost sales by 33% in six months by minimizing office costs and maximizing customer service orientation.

I am very excited at the prospect of meeting you to discuss how I can contribute as a Store Manager at Hudson’s. I will call your office to set an interview date at the end of the week and will be available on (986) 626-9996 in the mean time. Thank you for your precious time and kind consideration.


Robert Dane

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