Behavior Specialist Cover Letter

While applying for a behavior specialist job, many job applicants do not use a cover letter simply because it is a bit tricky to write. But a little effort can go a long way since employers deem cover letters extremely important as they depict a candidate’s personality and most employers can judge how a candidate will work once he will be hired.

The following cover letter example for Behavior Specialist Resume will give you a better idea to write your own cover letter.

Behavior Specialist Cover Letter Sample

7011 Dakota Drive
Ellsworth Afb, SD 88838

August 14, 2012

Ms. Amy Lovett
Hiring Manager
Family Mental Health
12 E Cedar Lane
Ellsworth Afb, SD 26636

Dear Ms. Lovett:

A positive outlook with a profound ability to work with people who have special needs makes me the perfect candidate for the position of Behavior Specialist that you have announced on your website. Along with my MS in clinical psychology and three years’ of hands-on experience with children and adults, I have the capability to contribute effectively to your bottom-line.

I’ve been working as a Behavior Specialist for Rising Sun for three years. My skills in analyzing and assessing behavior concerns, along with my exceptional ability to provide consultation on an individual basis is what makes me an excellent choice for this job. I have had the opportunity to provide services in emergency situations and manage crises effectively. Having said this, my ability to conduct functional analysis of a particular behavior problem has been commended many times by my superiors and counterparts.

Furthermore, I am knowledgeable of current Federal guidelines for special education and posses the necessary skills which are required to perform research activities for this work.  You will find all information regarding my work experience and qualifications in my resume enclosed with this letter.

I am confident that I’m the most suitable person you are looking for. I will call you after two weeks to explore the opportunity to meet you in person. If you need any additional information regarding my credentials, I will be available at (888) 111-8888.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best Regards,

Darla Quinn

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