Payroll Clerk Cover Letter Sample

A cover letter for payroll clerk resume must be simple and concise. There are some software and services that offer to stylize a cover letter or a resume by adding color to it. While the treatment looks wonderful with all the pretty colors, fonts and angles, it is usually unreadable and considered non-professional. We suggest that a Payroll Clerk cover letter should be written with much professionalism and the color should only be in the words that you type on paper!

Job Overview
The payroll clerk profession is predicted to expand increasingly through the year 2020. Currently there are over 200,000 payroll clerks in the USA, most working for private and government organizations in addition to bookkeeping and accounting companies. 

For your assistance, we have designed a sample cover letter for payroll clerk job. Utilize this template by modifying it per requirements. Don't forget to give your feedback in the comments below. We wish you best of luck in your job hunting process!

Payroll Clerk Cover Letter Sample

566 Edgewood Drive
Attica, IN 44433

July 31, 2012

Ms. Barbara Wright
Senior Manager (HR)
Accelerated Tech
7 Grand Avenue
Attica, IN 33344

Dear Ms. Wright:

I am very interested in the position of a Payroll Clerk at Accelerated Tech and believe that my skills and expertise is sufficient to perform this job well. My Associate's degree in accounting and six months of hands-on experience combined with my natural interest in accounts and finance makes me an excellent candidate for this position.

As noted on my resume, I am highly skilled in all the aspects of this job including updating payroll records by entering changes in exemptions, insurance coverage and savings deductions along with determining payroll liabilities. My vast experience has taught me the numerous and effective ways of resolving payroll discrepancies by collecting and analyzing relevant data. I also understand the need for maintaining confidential information and strive hard to keep it that way.

Please find my resume with this letter as part of my job application which oozes self organization, flexibility and high payroll experience. I am looking forward to meeting you in person soon and will call you after seven working days to set a time. If you need any supplementary information in the interim, please contact me on my cell at (999) 000-8888. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Andrew Phillips



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Coloring to Professional documents looks unprofessional. I have never seen a colorful cover letter. hmm Whats the advantage of color?

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