Early Childhood Educator Cover Letter Sample

A cover letter for Early Childhood Educator Resume is a letter of interest that highlights a candidate’s key accomplishments and skills to the employer. It is by no means an account of your work experience; the resume takes care of that! It is important that a cover letter for Early Childhood Educator position is flawless in terms of language, content and information because like they say, the first impression is the last impression!

Early Childhood Educator Job Description and Duties

An early childhood educator usually teaches the toddlers. The expression early childhood educator normally refers to a teacher; on the other hand, the expression is also applied to teaching assistants and specialists who come into specialized contact with kids in an educational setting.

Early Childhood Educator Cover Letter Example

811 Ambrose Street
Charlottetown, PE 88282

August 4th, 2012

Sophie Mason
Hiring Manager
Charlottetown Preschool
91 Hunt Avenue
Charlottetown, PE 882622

Re: Early Childhood Educator (Job ID 5887)

Dear Ms. Mason:

I am writing to apply for the vacant position of Early Childhood Educator at Charlottetown Preschool. As an individual with strong cultural awareness and sensitivity, I am confident that I am the right candidate that you are looking for. 

The abilities I have developed during my summer internship will be an asset to Charlottetown Preschool. As noted on my resume, I am extremely skilled in creating lesson plans, managing discipline and assessing progress of students. I have a demonstrated ability to put emphasis on the aspects vital to successful physical, cognitive and emotional growth of children.

I deem myself a compassionate and understanding individual who has the relevant experience that is needed to develop and implement focused development programs for little children. Having had the prudent team building skills, I find it easy to manage and educate children according to their individual needs based on physical and mental strength by providing positive guidance. I understand that every child is special and I make it a point to monitor their progress in order to figure out how to proceed with their individual programs.

Please find my resume enclosed with this letter as a first step in expressing my interest in this position. I am available on my phone number at (666-383-9999) if you would like to discuss my credentials. I will call you in the week of August 15 in order to set a time for meeting you. I appreciate your time and consideration in this regard.


Hannah Evans

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