IELTS Speaking Techniques

The following IELTS Speaking Techniques will help you getting a good score in IELTS exam. Remember that your speaking test will take place at a different day or different time. If you don’t know the location of your center, try to visit your IELTS test center at least one time before your test date. Ensure you understand when and where your speaking test is going to take place.

The speaking section of IELTS is perhaps the trickiest test because you have to speak English confidently to examiner. IELTS candidates who are not very fluent in English might confuse during the test. You may see lots of confident candidates around you during your test but the actual story is always different.

Follow these IELTS Speaking Techniques if you want to get a good score in speaking module. Also these tips will help you maintaining your confidence during IELTS speaking test.

IELTS Speaking Techniques before Test

Speak in front of Mirror:
Speak English in front of mirror to improve your speaking and expressions controlling power.

Speak English to your Friends:
Don’t feel shy to speak English with your friends even if your vocabulary is not high. If you don’t know the English meaning of any word, speak it in your native language but don’t break the continuity of your English sentence.

Practice! Practice and Practice:
Practice as much as you can. Get help from sample IELTS speaking tests from internet and available books.

IELTS Speaking Techniques during Test

Use Simple English:
Use simple English in response of any question asked by the examiner. Don not try to use difficult words, phrases, sophisticated vocabulary and complex grammar without really knowing how to use.

Use Body Language:
Use body language during test. It will give you more confidence and will have a positive impact on the examiner.

Give Examples:
Always give examples from your past experience.

Do not stop conversation:
Do not stop conversation until the examiner ask the next question.

Speak Freely:
This is easy to say but hard in practical, but try don't be nervous during or before test. Examiners are friendly persons so try to converse them like friends.

Keep away from 'Yes' or 'No':
Never answer just ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ in the reply of any question. Give a brief answer instead. Speak as much as you can. You will get maximum marks on your relevant answer.

Make up the story:
If you don’t know the answer of any question during speaking test, don’t hesitate to make up a story instantly. No one will say that you are telling a lie, but it’s a game of just confidence.

Never Miss Eye Contact:
Make eye contact with the examiner. This act will show your confidence and command over topic.


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