Canada Immigration Plan 2012

Canada is planning to continue its tradition of immigration in 2012. The Government of Canada is scheduling to greet more and more federal skilled workers in the year 2012.

Canada Immigration Plan 2012

As per Canadian Immigration Plan of 2012, the Federal Skilled Worker Program of Canadian immigration remains the main source for permanent immigration to Canada. Canada will welcome approx 10,000 more federal skilled workers in 2012. For that reason CIC plans to greet 55,000 to 57,000 federal skilled workers. This figure is up from 47,000 in the 2011 Immigration Levels of Canadian Immigration.

Canadian Government recognizes the worth of immigrants to its job market and values the contributions of skilled immigrants who add to its international competitiveness. In 2012, the Canadian government’s major priority will remain the economy. CIC committed to smooth the progress of the arrival of the best and the brightest immigrants to our Canada.

A fundamental achievement of the year 2011 milestone was reached this year when the backlog of post Feb 2008 Federal Skilled Worker applications was reduced by more than 50 percent which is two years before schedule. The higher range of applicants in 2012 will shore up labor market awareness and maintain progress on backlog reduction.

CIC completed a wide evaluation of the Federal Skilled Worker Program in 2010, showing that the program is working fine and selecting immigrants who achieve well economically. The report establishes that 89% of FSWs were in employment or self-employed three years after landing. In addition, 95 percent of the companies surveyed indicated that FSWs were meeting and going beyond their expectations. The assessment indicated a strong continuing requirement for skilled immigrants in Canada.

CIC will carry on to ramp up efforts to update its immigration system to make it more lively and responsive to labor market requirements. Following countrywide consultations in spring 2011 on proposals to develop the Federal Skilled Worker Program, CIC is energetically exploring policy options on the way forward.


Comrade said...

This is a good news for backlog applicants of Canadian Immigration. As the new immigrants are restricted to 10,000 / year so its mean that 47000 backlog applicants will clear in this year

Nazo said...

So canadian govt is well aware of our problems. I am waiting from 6 years

Mohammad Ranji said...

Hi, I applied Federal Skilled Worker on march 2011 and got application number from Sydney on Aug, will I get another application number from visa office which is Damascus?

Anonymous said...

comorade sir , are you talking about the pre feb 2008 applicants ?i have applied in 2005 from islamabad now our case is transfered to london , in my caips it was written file sent to pps .pps bfd is 29.3.2010.i havent recieved any thing from chc any idea how long we have to wait

Anonymous said...

ps tell me list is same in 2012?pls reply

Comrade said...

The list might be same until 30 June 2012.Afterwards it might change

Harpreet said...

What will be proposed changes that will happens in 2012 for federal skilled category

Anonymous said...

sir, i have teaching experience of approximately 5 years in government sector and post masters in mathematics. How can i migrate to canada as there is no teaching category in new list?

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