Paper Marriages are Finished in UK

Practices of paper marriages or fraud marriages will be no more be achievable in UK as UK immigration department and UK churches will work together to control this unlawful immigration practice.

At the moment the visa applications and applications of planned marriages will be examined by imposing severe measures. UK churches will work with immigration officials helping out them with paper or fraud marriage endorsement and examination.

Paper Marriages and Fraud marriages have been one of the major visa and immigration exploitation of UK immigration policies. UK government is resolute to eliminate this illegal practice by migrants to help them with easy visa support and permanent residency in UK.

The House of Bishops will subject the newest guidance to be followed by the clergy and immigration officials as recommended by new reports. Immigration Ministry has supported the reports and agreed by UKBA officials. It is being recommended to clergies not to suggest published banns for marriages connecting to non-EU citizens.

Now, the couples have to submit an application for a license that will be common, have to give ID evidence and address evidence as well as swear affidavits on the subject of marriage. Afterward, the couples have to take marriage training classes and visited by the cleric. If cleric is unhappy and did not find a real intention to marry then the couple has to elucidate to the official whosoever accountable for approving the marriage. Also if a couple is adamant to cleric to read banns more willingly than opting for common license then the cleric will report to legal officials.

All these severe but fare measures are directed to make easy legal migrants and legal marriages and restrain the mistreatment of fraud weddings.


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