How Many People Immigrated to Canada in 2010?

Almost 550,360 migrants get hold of Canada Visa sanction in the year 2010! This is a cheering number of immigrants own up by Canada citing the immigration preventive policies of other countries like UK and Australia. This is a mutual figure of all visa type approvals in the year 2010.

The majority of the European nations and more than a few western countries were unwilling to offer increased visa quotas to overseas nationals. Even a number of nations have adopted limiting immigration policies to put a control on immigration figures.

With little of the increasing immigration adoptive strategy countries, Canada remains on top of the rest inviting greatest number of worldwide immigrants. Despite the fact that it was expected and predicted by economists citing the rapid financial reforms of Canada and growing commerce and manufacturing activities. Canada has fine accommodated immigrants even at the time of monetary downturn and so the immigration figures stay well imposing and beyond predictions in 2010.

Visa approvals for temporary overseas workers mark the figure of 182,772 work permits which is truthfully imposing. The maximum visa approvals were awarded to economic migrants covering investors, commerce people and entrepreneurs with a numeral of 186,349 visa permits. Family class visa approvals rose to 60,992 in 2010.

Even supposing in student immigration, Canada has fine acted and have room for more than 96,227 overseas students in the year of 2010. These all migration figures are striking for Canada government and heartening for visa applicants hopeful for Canada immigration.


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